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Job Details

Location of Job: Annandale, VA
When: Apr 2, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Mold Removal and Unit Cleaning
Brief Explanation

When Was This AC Unit Last Inspected?

Who knows! Apparently, we were the first ones to go out of our way and have a look at this hard to reach ceiling unit.

You can tell by the Before pictures that what we found wasn't very pretty.

What Was This AC Unit Repair Like?

What started as a routine service inspection in a condominium quickly turned into a priority mold removal and cleaning.

We then found that a massive amount of mold had permeated the ceiling AC unit and likely hadn't been cleaned in years.

We went to work ASAP once we saw this and were determined to eliminate any traces of the hidden nuisance.

Once we finished cleaning up all of the affected mold, we then serviced the unit as initially planned.

Everything was then back to its regular working order, and much cleaner and safer than it was prior to our expert oversight and highly-detailed oriented inspections.


After Photos

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Annandale, VA
Client Testimonial
Great deal. Fast Work. ~ Madelaine Whitmore - Annandale, VA

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1. What Exactly IS Mold?


Simply saying the word, "mold" around a concerned homeowner or renter is enough to send them into a downward spiral of hysteria and paranoia.

However, once you take a step back and have a logical look behind this curtain of fear, you'll discover the simplicity behind this avoidable nightmare.

In nature, mold actually plays a critical part in maintaining the equilibrium of our environment and surroundings.

It helps to break down organisms such as dead trees, deceased animals, rotten fruit, and disease-ridden plants.

Mold is essentially nature's go-to dissolver, but when put into a moisture heavy setting that's not properly managed, such as an AC unit in this case, it can then grow into excessive levels that can become serious health hazards.

2. Why Is Mold So Hazardous To Your Health?


According to the Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.), mold can cause throat inflammation, severe coughing and/or wheezing, nasal blockage and overall stuffiness, and eye irritation.

More severe reactions car result as well though. These tend to include experiencing chronic lung illnesses, infections, and severe asthma triggering.

In fact, increased exposure to large amounts of mold has even been linked to asthma development in infants in some cases and can lead to overall respiratory issues and complications as well that may be chronic.

3. How Can I Prevent Mold From Forming?


The #1 source for mold creation and accumulation is moist conditions.

As soon as you notice a moist spot or spill in your home, immediately clean it up and dry it good. While this is a simple task overall, you’d be surprised at just how much moisture can accumulate in those hidden nooks and crannies.

Proper ventilation is the next closest second for mold prevention. Not having proper air flow in you home can make it ripe for the muggy, humid conditions that mold loves to snuggle up to.

Dehumidifiers can assist in keeping your air crisp and clean, but having an orderly air conditioning unit and ventilation system is pinnacle.

If these units aren’t cleaned out or inspected for mold every so often, then they’re ripe for not only mold growth, but can also even act a source of spreading and distribution as well.

4. Do We Warranty Our Work?


Absolutely We Do!

Our 6-Month, Zero-Hassle Warranty covers all of our Parts and Labor for HVAC services, repairs and installations.

We work hard to ensure that all of our customers have Peace of Mind when it comes to their choice in HVAC experts.

If our Warranty helps to further provide that, then we're more than happy to offer it.

5. Why Are We The Best At What We Do?


We've been in the HVAC industry for nearly a DECADE, so when it comes to on-hands experience, we know what we're doing.

Over the years, we've learned to zone in on what we excel at: working around the dynamic needs and wants of our individual customers.

No job and customer is the same, and we take great pride in providing a customized experience that's fine-tuned and relatable.

This is what we do at Kelvin HVAC, and we can't imagine doing it any other way.

Other HVAC businesses play it same and treat every job and customer as if they're the same, but this is never the case for us.

Additionally, we strive to receive, service and finish all repairs, services, and installations Within 24-48 Hours time.

We're always striving to provide Same-Day Service as well.

And, since we go out of our way to ensure that everything is running smoothly and looking as it should be, you'll never have to worry about mold lying dormant in your AC unit or ventilation system ever again.

These are just some of the reasons why Kelvin HVAC Services is the best around in Annandale, VA.