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Job Details

Location of Job: Annandale, VA
When: May 24, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Air Conditioner Evaporator Fan Motor Repair & Replacement
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Brief Explanation

What Was The Main Issue Here?

We came out to a customer who was within the Annandale area regarding their air conditioning unit which was experiencing some issues.

Over the phone, they mentioned to us that their air conditioner wasn't keeping the air as cold as it was normally capable of doing.

They also mentioned that despite constantly adjusting and readjusting their thermostat that they were experiencing little to no change in regards to the air conditioner working as it should have.

Add into the mix how their electric bill was up severely from what it normally was since they kept trying to readjust the temperature and soon became too much.

Once we arrived and conducted an in-depth diagnostic of their air conditioner, we were eventually able to determine that the main culprit which was responsible for all their issues was the evaporator fan motor.

While we initially tried to see what could be done to spare the part, it was soon revealed that we would need to get them a new one entirely for their air conditioner.

Thankfully though, after a quick trip to our nearby HVAC supplier, we were able to get a suitable replacement for them and get their air conditioner back up and running cool again.

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Client Testimonial
Great deal. Fast Work. ~ Madelaine Whitmore - Annandale, VA

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1. What Does An AC Evaporator Fan Do?


The main purpose that an air conditioner's evaporator fan fulfills is in that it converts the inner refrigerant liquid inside of an air conditioner into gas form.

The evaporator fan, in a sense, is doing the work of a condenser in reverse.

Once this occurs, the now refrigerant gas adsorbs the nearby surrounding from the air which is circulating through the unit at that time.

Obviously, of course, if the motor which operates the evaporator fan isn't working, then there's no true evaporation process taking place within the air conditioning unit.

Hence, improper evaporation then directly leads to an improperly operating air conditioner.

2. Why Are We The Best Around?


- We're Local, HVAC Professionals that have been in the HVAC business since 2009.

- We have a 6-Month Warranty Guarantee on all of our Parts and Labor.

- We're a Licensed and Insured Company that doesn't compromise quality for speed, yet doesn't lollygag around either.

- We've helped more than 5,000+ Customers with all of their HVAC Repair, Service, and Installation needs.

3. How Long Have We Been In HVAC?


We've been cleaning, servicing, installing and repairing Air Conditioners and other types of HVAC units since 2009.

That's nearly an entire DECADE of quality repairs done correctly the first time.

Over the years we've come to learn to no two projects or customers are the exact same.

We use this to our advantage as a way to display how Personalized Repairs Truly Matter.

Getting an AC cleaning is not always a the forefront of the mind when it comes to maintaining a proper home temperature, but it's worth it.

Having an overall HVAC inspection conducted once or twice a year will help to ensure that your home's system is running at its maximum energy efficiency capacity.

It also helps to keep the health of your system at its peak capacity, free from any mold, mildew, or any other household concerns or annoyances.

4. We Can Do Installations As Well, Correct?


Yes, we're able to do installations as well!

In addition to our routine repairs, we're able to install, service and conduct maintenance on nearly all HVAC makes and models which are out there.

And better yet, our 6-Month, Guranateed Warranty still covers all of the Parts and Labor that go into our air conditioning repairs.

We constantly wish to give all of our customers a Peace of Mind when it comes to hiring responsible Air Conditioning repairmen.

And if our Warranty helps out with that, then it's totally worth it in our book.

Additionally, we seek to receive your calls, come out to your location and complete your repairs all within a 24-48 Hour window.

We're always striving to provide Same-Day Service as well.

5. Are Our Prices Competitive?


All of our repairs and installations are centered around you and your specific wants and needs for your home's air conditioning.

We'll give you an initial estimate that's reasonable, but will likely be more of a range.

Once we've had an opportunity to fully examine and look at the specific installation that's needed for your home, then we'll be able to provide you with more of a Proper Quote that's tailored exactly to your unit.

6. How Soon Can We Can We Come Out & How Far?


We seek to receive your calls, come out to your location and assist to all of your HVAC needs within a 24-48 Hour window.

Furthermore, we always strive to provide Same-Day Service as well.

And while we're based mainly out of Annandale, VA, we also work within most of the major perimeter cities as well.

We'll Drive Up To An 80 Mile Radius if it means providing a far-out customer with exceptional AC Repair service.

So don't worry about distance. Give us a call, near or far, to get your Air Conditioner repaired ASAP!