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Job Details

Location of Job: Annandale, VA
When: Apr 25, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Carrier AC Condenser Installation
call or text Call: (703) 215-1316
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Brief Explanation

What Type Of AC Was This?

A customer local to the Annandale area had us out to install their new Comfort series Carrier Air Conditioner.

Overall, this installation was fairly straightforward and to the point.

We've done many installations over the years just like this one and we know how to do things thoroughly as well as efficiently.

Are Carrier ACs Any Good?

These specific models are often able to run quieter than the common hair dryer, which makes things a lot easier on the ears as a whole.

All current Carrier models follow the energy-efficient standards set forth by the government in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and also to lower energy costs across the board.

Carrier Air Conditioners are some of the most robust AC units on the market. Their average air conditioner lasts anywhere between 12-15+ years while some of their gas furnaces have been known to last 20-25 years. That's nearly a quarter of a century!

Interestingly enough, the Carrier brand has been around since 1902, which is actually 10 years earlier than sliced bread was invented. Go figure.

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Annandale, VA
Client Testimonial
Great deal. Fast Work. ~ Madelaine Whitmore - Annandale, VA

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1. What's That Black Thing Underneath The AC?


That's actually an air conditioning pad.

These gems have become quite popular over the years as many shared issued have been addressed because of them.

These pads almost act as box springs for air conditioners to rest on. Air conditioners and other exterior units need to be kept off of ground level ideally and these help to accomplishto keep them off and away from ground level.

These type of support pads help to ensure that over time and extended exposure to the outside elements, the generator will stay drier and not sink into the ground.

They don't require any concrete, screws, nails or any type of permanent installation and they still accomplish the same mission just as well as other methods such as concreate or pea gravel.

2. Are Our Installations Reliable?


Of course they are.

Once the initial installation of your new unit is complete, we go the whole 9 yards to make sure you're new system us up and running accordingly.

We'll take a few measurements of the airflow and adjust the system accordingly so that it performs the way it's intended to.

After this, we'll then check the rest of the unit along with all of the attached connections to ensure that everything else is performing just as it should be.

3. What Are Our Prices Like?


All of our services and installations are centered around you and your specific wants and needs for your home's air conditioning.

We'll give you an initial estimate that's reasonable, but will likely be more of a range.

Once we've had an opportunity to fully examine and look at the specific installation that's needed for your home, then we'll be able to provide you with more of a Proper Quote that's tailored exactly to your unit.

4. Why Are We The Best Around?


- We're Local, HVAC Professionals that have been in the HVAC business since 2009.

- We have a 6-Month Warranty Guarantee on all of our Parts and Labor.

- We're a Licensed and Insured Company that doesn't compromise quality for speed, yet doesn't lollygag around either.

- We've helped more than 5,000+ Customers with all of their HVAC Repair, Service, and Installation needs.

5. How Far Out Will We Drive?


While we're based out of Annandale, VA, we also work within the major perimeter cities also.

We'll Drive Up To An 80 Mile Radius if it means providing a far-out customer with exceptional AC Repair service.

So don't worry about distance. Give us a call, near or far, got get your AC repaired ASAP!

6. Do We Do Repairs As Well?


Yes we do!

In addition to our installations, we repair, service, and conduct maintenance on nearly all HVAC makes and models.

And better yet, our 6-Month, Guranateed Warranty still covers all of the Parts and Labor that go into our air conditioning repairs.

We constantly wish to give all of our customers Peace of Mind when it comes to hiring AC repairmen.

So if our Warranty helps out with that, then it's totally worth it in our book.

Additionally, we seek to receive your calls, come out to your location and complete your repairs all within a 24-48 Hour window.

We're always striving to provide Same-Day Service as well.