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Job Details

Location of Job: Annandale, VA
When: May 2, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Furnace Installation, Along with Evaporator Coil, Water Heater, & New Duct Work.
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Brief Explanation

Did We Only Work On A Furnace?

A local Annandale customer came into contact with us recently in regards to getting a serious overhaul done to their HVAC system.

The main project which we completed for this customer was in installing a new high-efficiency furnace for them.

Specifically, they got a new Amana which is a solid, top-of-the-line brand name in terms of furnaces.

Additionally, we also installed an evaporator coil, a high-efficiency Rheem water heater, a humidifier and also a whole new ductwork system.

Needless to say that this customer definitely felt like upgrading their overall HVAC system and we were just the people for the job for them.

What Made This Customer So Satisfied?

One of the main compliments which we received from this customer in regards to this project was in how we were able to provide quality installation services that fit within their time frame.

Furthermore, they admired our straightforwardness.

We never tried to hide from numbers or price estimates when we're out on the job giving estimates that are centered around our customer's need.

Some other services like to talk about price, or tend to be excessively vague about installation fees. Not us.

Here at Kelvin HVAC, we value transparency as much as our customers do, and we never try to bend the truth just to get an extra job done that' s outside of someone's budget.

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Client Testimonial
Great deal. Fast Work. ~ Madelaine Whitmore - Annandale, VA

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1. Can A Faulty Furnace Be Dangerous?


As a matter of fact, if not properly addressed and taken care of, a defective furnace can be extremely dangerous.

A combustion analysis is often a go-to step in determining if your furnace is potentially hazardous or not. This process is used to:

* Help improve the fuel efficiency of a heating unit.

* Test and ensure the safety of the equipment.

* Conform to the proper manufacturer guidelines if anything's out of place.

* And when applicable, determine the exact amount of undesired emissions being produced, such as carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is poisonous gas that's odorless, extremely flammable, and if inhaled excessively, can cause flu-like symptoms and potentially death!

2. Why Choose Us?


- We're Local, HVAC Professionals that have been in the HVAC business since 2009.

- We have a 6-Month Warranty Guarantee on all of our Parts and Labor.

- We're a Licensed and Insured Company that doesn't compromise quality for speed, yet doesn't lollygag around either.

- We've helped more than 5,000+ Customers with all of their HVAC Repair, Service, and Installation needs.

3. How Are Our Installations Reliable?


Once the initial installation of your new HVAC unit(s) is complete, we go the whole 9 yards to make sure you're new system us up and running accordingly.

We'll take a few measurements of the airflow and adjust the system accordingly so that it performs the way it's intended to.

After this, we'll then check the rest of the unit along with all of the attached connections to ensure that everything else is performing just as it should be.

4. How Far Out Is Our Service Radius?


While we're based out of Annandale, VA, we also work within the major perimeter cities also.

We'll Drive Up To An 80 Mile Radius if it means providing a far-out customer with exceptional AC Repair service.

So don't worry about distance. Give us a call, near or far, got get your AC repaired ASAP!

5. Do We Do Repairs As Well?


Yes we do!

In addition to our installations, we repair, service, and conduct maintenance on nearly all HVAC makes and models.

And better yet, our 6-Month, Guranateed Warranty still covers all of the Parts and Labor that go into our air conditioning repairs.

We constantly wish to give all of our customers Peace of Mind when it comes to hiring AC repairmen.

So if our Warranty helps out with that, then it's totally worth it in our book.

Additionally, we seek to receive your calls, come out to your location and complete your repairs all within a 24-48 Hour window.

We're always striving to provide Same-Day Service as well.

6. What's The Cost Of Our Service?


All of our services and installations are centered around you and your specific wants and needs for your home's air conditioning.

Once we've had an opportunity to fully examine and look at the specific installation that's needed for your home, then we'll be able to provide you with more of a Proper Quote that's tailored exactly to your unit.